Fixing the 395 median mess |

Fixing the 395 median mess

Navigating Highway 395 through Douglas County is a challenge under the best of circumstances.

There’s not a two-mile stretch of the highway that hasn’t seen someone hurt or killed in an accident. Even in town where the speed limit drops to 25 mph, making a left turn is an exercise in patience and luck.

So when someone puts up something that makes life difficult along our particular chunk of the highway people take notice.

That’s what happened when a median was installed down the middle of the highway, ostensibly to serve a Walmart that hasn’t yet opened, and improve traffic flow for an intersection that doesn’t yet exist.

Thanks to the median, the intersection with Service Drive no longer exists, and that’s a big issue for the owners of businesses there.

County officials have taken notice of the median to nowhere, and negotiations are under way to do something about it.

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There’s a possibility that the median plans might have come to light had Walmart’s design review gone to the planning commission instead of being handled in-house by the planning department.

We may never know how the median came to be installed almost overnight and without warning.

We do know that somewhere there’s someone who signed off on the plans. Maybe with all the back streets that connect Service Drive to Southgate and then Industrial, and all the streets that are in the process of being built, it got lost in the sun.

Maybe we’re being generous because it’s almost Nevada Day and Halloween, two of our favorite holidays, but we’re pleased to see some activity dealing with the median, and hope that it will soon be backed up with action, and maybe even a little relief, for the established businesses who’ve been affected.

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