Five downs to score |

Five downs to score

James Koenig


As I read the story about the Damonte Ranch – Douglas football game it became evident that this was a very good game played on both sides of the ball. But the one thing that I saw in person and then was confirmed when I saw it in writing was that Damonte Ranch was allowed to have “five” plays to score the touchdown that tied the game.

Since they had not made the after point attempt, Damonte was allowed to kick the winning point and thus ultimately won the game on the “scoreboard.”

Our young men played their hearts out and should be praised for their efforts as did the Damonte Ranch players.

Yes, I said the Damonte Ranch players should also be praised too, because, it was not their fault that they were given the extra play to score the tying touch down. They also played with heart and finished strong.

I do not know if there is anyway that the end of the game can be reviewed by the NIAA and the results be reversed or not, but in my mind and in my heart I know that the Tigers won the game legitimately and fought hard.

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Keep your heads up Tigers and get Manogue this Friday night.

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