Fireworks illegal around here |

Fireworks illegal around here

We’ve actually heard people say they didn’t realize that fireworks were illegal in Douglas County.

Set aside the fact that during an average summer, something as innocuous as a sparkler can set the mountain on fire.

Or, that those harmless little black snakes can start a gargantuan black snake that sends smoke into the stratosphere.

This dry winter and spring after a wet winter and summer has converted the wildlands around Carson Valley into a tinderbox.

We’ve already had a couple of big fires, only one of which were caused by human action.

Mother Nature sets fires too, but she usually announces herself in ways that people don’t. There’s huge storm clouds with flashes of lightning zipping about. We find out about a human caused fire when it gets big enough for the flames to do some damage.

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So preventing people from using fireworks or setting campfires wherever they like, is just the few ways we keep the hillsides from burning up.

Conviction of possession or use of fireworks is a misdemeanor which carries a maximum sentence of six months and a $1,000 fine, which might be the least of an offender’s worries if someone’s house burns down.

Better to enjoy the fireworks displays at Lake Tahoe or other surrounding locations and save the heartache.

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