Fire season year around |

Fire season year around

We wish we could say Sunday’s big wrap up on the large fires in the Pine Nuts since August 2011 indicated the end of fire season, but we can’t.

As we learned from the Caughlin Ranch and Washoe Valley fires last winter, a dry winter can be as bad or worse than a dry summer.

Both fires occurred in the dead of winter as a result of dry conditions combined with high winds.

Despite last week’s rain, we’re looking at a dry fall, which has prompted the East Fork Fire District to cancel backyard burning this year.

While a long tradition in Carson Valley, the potential of burning down a neighbor’s house or two in a windstorm should be enough to discourage the practice without a decree from firefighters.

With the coming of cooler temperatures we know there will be plenty of ignition sources without backyard burning.

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Washoe Valley was started by improperly disposed of fireplace ashes, which is yet another danger that we don’t see too often in the summer.

More than 18,000 acres of land were destroyed in the last year, along with homes, vehicles and other private property. The vast majority of that damage was caused because someone wasn’t careful with fire.

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