Fighting motocross plan |

Fighting motocross plan

The 80-acre lower Clear Creek parcel belonging to the Washoe Tribe is proposed as the site of a motocross track.


We just learned of this plan to establish a motocross track via the article in The Record-Courier and word of mouth from neighbors. We will be fighting this plan, unitedly, but it doesn't appear we have much time to get organized. We chose to live in this area for a quiet and peaceful rural life.

The Walmart development did its share to ruin that and now a motocross track. Most of us have built our homes, raised our children, paid our taxes, and shared in our community for the past 25-40 years. This motocross plan is not appropriate for our area at all. What will happen with the wildlife and natural habitat, dust and soil erosion? I am appalled the tribe would even consider this. What about the inhabitants of north Douglas? We would like to continue our life here in what is left of the peaceful rural surroundings.

So we have a few questions: 1. We want to know if there is any oversight by the board regarding this plan, even though it is proposed on tribal land. 2. Has there been an environmental impact study conducted to determine what the impact will be on Clear Creek, specifically the fish, floral and fauna? 3. Has there been consideration by the board on the impact this motocross would have on our property values? Our right to quiet enjoyment? We appreciate your timely response as it appears this plan is moving quickly.

Pamela and Larry French

Jacks Valley

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