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Election year a big parade

Candidates swelled the ranks of the Carson Valley Days parade entrants this year, making up as much as a tenth of the line-up.

Election year parades are often that way, especially when the election happens to come before Election Day, like it does this year.

Candidates handed out pencils, pens, candy, fliers and a variety of other swag. Despite their numbers, they did a good job of not overwhelming the rest of the parade this year.

This primary was fought primarily in the mail and on the ground, with candidates going door-to-door, but we saw some television advertising.

It’s not something we’re used to seeing, and we expect local candidates might have a hard time getting air time during the general election, especially with the presidency in play.

However candidates chose to make a connection with voters, we encourage voters to get to know the candidates before casting a ballot.

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We know that we’ll have plenty of opportunities for candidates to make a connection with voters, and a long time to do it over, with five months until the general election

Most of the local ballot came out on Saturday for Carson Valley Days, and that’s just the first blast of the campaign.

We urge voters not to wait for the candidates to come to them. More information is available to the voting public than ever before.

Congratulations to the winners of Tuesday’s primary, and good luck to all candidates in the general election.

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