Egregious ads |

Egregious ads

Bo Statham


Shame on you, Dean Heller. Your current attacks on Shelley Berkley are not just demagogic and false, they are scurrilous. They go beyond the limits of decency and truthfulness.

One of the most egregious is your assertion that Ms. Berkley is profiting from homeowners’ losses by buying the homes they have lost. You certainly know that these properties have been foreclosed before their resale, and it is the banks’ actions that have hurt the former owners, not Ms. Berkley.

And your “bobbing heads” portrayal of her in another TV ad “approved by Dean Heller” is a new low for a political attack. If Ms. Berkley is guilty of the things you allege, present the documented facts instead of computer-generated trash.

To quote a distinguished lawyer’s question of Sen. Joe McCarthy many years ago, “Have you no decency, Sir?”

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