Education not getting better |

Education not getting better

Ron Landmann


As a voter who reads volumes of material each and every day, I’m very unhappy with political ads that infer any candidate who is for defunding the Department of Education is wrong for Nevada. Let’s face it: Southern Nevada has increased spending per student by nine fold and the test scores have remained the same. What does that prove? That throwing money at a problem doesn’t necessarily fix the problem.

With regards to the Department of Education; why do people think sending their tax dollars to Washington, D.C. where the president and his hand-picked Secretaries pick and choose what states to send the tax dollars to makes any sense? In Nevada we have a Republican governor so our chances of having federal education dollars sent our way are less than other states where they have a Democratic governor. Nevada does have Sen. Reid, so we aren’t totally shunned by the Obama administration, but you get the idea. Why is it we feel the federal government knows more about how we should spend our education dollars than we do? For my money, the Department of Education is one huge waste of taxpayer dollars. Let us keep our tax dollars here at home and let our legislature and governor decide how to spend them, not Washington, D.C.

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