Education critical to our future |

Education critical to our future

Larry Lippmann


I was very inspired by Scott Neuffer’s article in The Record-Courier that appeared on Jan. 16 about the importance of education. With the advance of technology, the mechanization of industry, and the continued increase in the use of robotics in factories, education is more important than ever before. The division of society into those below the poverty line and those who are not will in large part be determined by those who do or do not possess skills necessary to survive in our 21st Century world.

Decades ago many unskilled and semi-skilled jobs existed that have been replaced by machines, computers, and other forms of mechanizations. Many of those employment opportunities no longer exist. Current and future jobs require skills in communication, computer literacy, mathematics, science, and creative thinking. These are the skills that are gained in quality education. Public support for education is imperative to prepare for the healthy future of our society.

Having retired in June from Douglas High School after 30 years in education, I have seen the impact that quality education has had on the lives of so many former students. Just to name some individuals and what they have done with their lives as a result of their time in the Douglas County School District would fill a book. I always have been and continue to be impressed with the teachers and support staff who go over and above what is expected of them because they care about the students under their wing. They need and deserve all the support that we as a community can provide for them.

With the Nevada Legislature about to convene on Feb. 4, funding for education will be on the forefront. Nevada is near the bottom among the states in per student expenditure. This needs to change. An investment in education will return dividends in the form of a higher quality of life resulting in productive taxpaying citizens contributing to the well being of all. I urge everyone to support education by contacting our representatives James Settelmeyer in the Senate and Jim Wheeler in the Assembly and all other members of congress to provide adequate funding for the children of Nevada. We owe them their future opportunities.

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