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Early voters go gladly to the polls

We believe that early voters who cast a ballot on the first day are among the most enthusiastic participants in the election process.

That a record number of them turned out to vote on Saturday indicates good things for this election season in Douglas County, anyway. More than 1,600 people voted early on Saturday, topping the numbers for both 2008 and 2010.

With participation in the low 90s in both of the last presidential elections, no one can say Douglas County residents are apathetic.

If anything they are eager to participate in the political process, to the point where the county can’t open voting early enough, as confirmed by the number of absentee ballots rolling in.

At the end of business on Saturday, a full tenth of Douglas County’s active voters had cast a ballot, more than 3,000 voters in all.

That gives us a good feeling going into the final two weeks of the race. It means that people will get their say in who serves them.

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And that’s what this is all about. Those who attended the birth of our republic believed that ordinary people could govern themselves without the intervention of kings or emperors. The strength of this republic lies in its people, and their voice is expressed at the ballot box.

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