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Drive unto others

We wager there aren't too many Carson Valley residents who haven't cut through a residential neighborhood in order to avoid trying to turn left onto Highway 395.

Wildrose Drive is an attractive alternative for those traveling on Douglas Avenue, and who want to continue west to County Road, but don't want to try and turn onto Main Street.

That the speed limit goes up from 15 mph to 25 mph, just seems like a bonus.

There are other similar circumstances around the Valley.

Some have braved the speed humps of Winhaven to keep from trying to turn onto the highway heading east.

Others have gone into the labyrinth that is Chichester Estates to try and catch the light at Gilman.

Until there's a way around the two towns, people are going to get creative when they're looking for a way to avoid traffic.

The habit isn't limited to Minden and Gardnerville either.

Depending on what's going on in downtown Genoa on any given day, folks sometimes duck down Kinsey. How many folks use the dirt road between Ruhenstroth and Fish Springs to get to the transfer Station, rather than trying to turn onto Highway 395.

There are lots of these ersatz bypasses around the county, and one of the keys to using them is to respect the people who live there.

We believe that the Golden Rule would serve better than installing speed limits or obstacles.

In this instance that means driving through other's neighborhoods as you would have them drive through yours.