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Don’t need more dumps

Shari James


My husband and I bought a beautiful home several years ago in the Silver Ranch Estates. Had I known there was going to be a neighborhood dump next door to our home, I would have reconsidered our purchase. Yes you heard me right, the neighborhood dump. That is what has become of the vacant land on the corner of Centerville and Drayton in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

It amazes and appalls me that some people in our community have no more respect in their environment, that they could dump their concrete, rocks, piles of dirt and weeds, on this vacant lot. The concrete has rebar sticking out that could injure a child if that child were to slip and fall. I do not recall ever seeing a sign that said, “dump site feel free to dump your garbage.” I believe there is a sign that states, “No trespassing.” This action is against the law.

This brings me to the problem, the landowners were forced to do something about the dump site. They hired a company to come in and smooth the garbage around and cover it up with more dirt. In reality they camouflaged the problem. I do not blame the land owners, in fact I feel sorry for them. It would cost thousands of dollars to remove the garbage and concrete from this lot. Now it has become a landfill.

The people, who are responsible for dumping their garbage and concrete, should be ashamed of themselves. It shows a lack of respect for your surrounding and your community. Personally it embarrasses me and humiliates me, when family or friends come to our home, and they ask me what is going on with the garbage on the vacant land. I do not know what to say.

I hope the people who are responsible for dumping their garbage are reading this letter, and that you will feel some remorse and embarrassment in your actions. I am reaching out to the community, if you feel the same way that I do, please contact me at, I would like to take this matter to our county commissioners? to see if they are able to help our community in any way possible.

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