Don’t be fooled again |

Don’t be fooled again


Since the Republican primary challenger for Assembly District 39 has yet to tell us what she believes in, we must look for clues on our own. So far the picture isn't pretty.

It appears from her contribution and expense report that, except for the loan the challenger gave her own campaign, most of her funding is coming from outside the district. The two locals whose names I recognize dropped out of active Republican politics years ago.

Most troubling is that her trophy endorser is Las Vegan Dema Guinn, former Nevada first lady and prominent face — literally — of "Republicans for Reid."

Ms. Guinn's portrait appeared on the cover of a four-color RFR brochure that touted a list of sell-outs who supported Harry Reid's re-election in 2010. This endorsement may as well have come directly from Harry Reid.

We've seen this movie before.

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The voters fired the last "Republican" assemblyman who misled them about who he was and voted to raise taxes to curry favor with Gov. Sandoval.

His reward was big-money campaign contributions from outside the district that were supposed to buy him personal and political power and guarantee his re-election. Oops.

Assemblyman Jim Wheeler got elected because he agrees with his constituents that government is too big and takes too much of our money already. Wheeler believes in doing what is right instead of what is politically expedient. In this case "expedient" may be translated as self-serving.

A good start on short-stopping another conservative impersonator on the make for political power and personal favors is to demand all candidates sign the Americans for Tax Reform's "Taxpayer Protection Pledge."

As a candidate Wheeler signed the pledge. He's planning on signing it again. It's a shame this is necessary, but based on the company she keeps, we appear to have another contender who will treat her party's principles — no new taxes, smaller government — as disposable.

Don't be fooled again.

Lynn Muzzy


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