Don’t patronize Walmart |

Don’t patronize Walmart

Bill HornbrookUnited Food & Commercial Workersrepresenting Carson Valley supermarket butchers

EDITOR:A new Walmart is coming to Gardnerville, and while some people think this will be good for the local economy, others are taking a closer look at the details and reaching different conclusions.A 2011 study by Loyola University proves what many of us have known all along: Walmart doesn’t create jobs — it kills them, draining the financial life out of communities across the country.The researchers found that within two years of opening a store in the West Side of Chicago, Walmart forced 85 local businesses to close their doors.These businesses were the heart of their community. Their profits circulated through the local economy. Now those businesses are gone, and Walmart’s profits from the neighborhood are distributed among its shareholders and corporate executives in Bentonville, Ark.Walmart’s low-paying jobs, and the inferior or nonexistent benefits that accompany them, don’t compensate for the devastation this company has caused to business districts in towns throughout the nation.The people of Gardnerville, Minden and other communities in the area can avert this tragedy by patronizing established retailers who serve and respect their communities.

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