Debate shows clear difference |

Debate shows clear difference

JoEtta Brown
Western Regional Director At-Large of the National Alliance for Retired Americans


The vice presidential debate showed a crystal clear difference between the candidates on key issues of Medicare and Social Security.

On Medicare, Vice President Biden outlined the historic progress the Administration has made in lowering the price of prescription drugs; giving seniors free access to life-saving tests and screenings; and strengthening Medicare’s finances by cracking down on wasteful spending of tax dollars by private businesses.

But instead of standing up for seniors, Rep. Paul Ryan did the bidding of the big insurance companies, advancing his plan to steer retirees toward buying health insurance in the costly, unfair private market. The Romney-Ryan plan would undo nearly 50 years of Medicare progress, fundamentally changing the program to take better care of CEOs’ wealth than seniors’ health.

Biden reminded the nation why Social Security is one of America’s greatest success stories, one that must remain strong for our children and grandchildren. On the other hand, Ryan and Romney would have workers and retirees unfairly pay the price for a budget deficit they did not cause. Their plan to cut benefits, raise the retirement age, and let Wall Street profit from a privatized system ignores the root cause of deficit – unneeded tax breaks for big corporations and millionaires.

Social Security and Medicare are how we honor a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice. These debates showed a clear choice – move forward by strengthening the middle class, or turn a cold shoulder toward those who helped to build our nation.

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