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Dangerous intersections

Judy DeRyke


My heart goes out to Christine Bredow on her struggles after her tragic accident last month. Fortunately, she and her daughter were not badly hurt although she is now without a vehicle. Sadly they will remember the accident for a long time.

I wholeheartedly agree with no left turn onto Highway 395 from Airport Road; in fact I don’t feel a left turn from any of the roads onto 395 without a light should be made. You will only see me doing that on rare occasions – like very late at night when there is basically no traffic on 395.

This dates back to early February 2003. I and my husband were making a dump run to Gardnerville when we were t-boned by a bigger SUV than mine making a left onto northbound 395 from Ironwood Drive. We rolled 2 1/2 times and were very lucky to have only been shaken with aches and bruises – although I did spend several months in physical therapy to get back to well being. All of that basically took a lot out of my every day living as well as confidence while driving – not my driving but watching all others.

Added to that I have seen what I call “really stupid drivers” make left turns from the side roads – many of these from Airport, which could’ve easily resulted in a very bad accident. It wasn’t too long ago that a UPS driver decided he didn’t have the extra minute to wait for one more car before pulling out; if I and another vehicle had not slowed down it would’ve resulted in a very nasty accident – mostly to the smaller vehicles not his big truck. Personally I’d rather spend a few more cents on gas and be safe even if I have to make a right and then a U-turn to be going where I want.

I totally agree, it is just not safe, to make lefts on 395 without a light; why its still allowed will only result in more accidents.

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