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Dangberg rounds corner

With three days left to go in this round, supporters of the Dangberg Home Ranch are pulling out all the stops to get the Minden attraction to the top of the Nevada Commission on Tourism’s Discover Your Nevada Web poll.

The competitors in this round of voting include the Thunderbird Lodge at Lake Tahoe, Artown in Reno, the Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor and the National Championship Air Races.

Something about former estates has put Dangberg and the Thunderbird Lodge in a back and forth battle for first place for the past two voting rounds.

The top two vote getters in this round will go head-to-head for the top prize in the Reno-Tahoe Territory.

We know that Reno and Tahoe have more people than Carson Valley, but we also know that if you had to pick a place with the heart to put a beloved local landmark over the top, this is it.

For make no mistake, despite it’s place near the top of the list during the voting, Dangberg is definitely the underdog in this contest.

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That’s the way we like it. If it were easy anyone could do it.

Even if Dangberg doesn’t win the discount travel package designed around it, we know that the publicity is invaluable to the home ranch, which faced closure due to state budget cuts last year.

We applaud the volunteers who’ve helped keep the ranch open to tours and brought visitors to Carson Valley, and we’re happy to back them in their efforts to bring glory to one of the Valley’s oldest spreads.

Visitors to the Web site at http://www.travelnevada.com/discover/ can vote once a day.

Let’s show our appreciation to the folks who’ve worked so hard to keep the home ranch alive by voting early, and often.

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