Credit to Settelmeyer |

Credit to Settelmeyer

Jim Wheeler


In an Oct 17 letter to the editor Mr. Shawn Meehan responded to an earlier letter, saying that “Mr. Wheeler voluntarily removed some of his own campaign signs and yielded locations to the Romney campaign, using some of his personal, non-campaign funds to print Romney signs when the campaign ran out.” While this is completely, 100 percent true and I thank Mr. Meehan for these kind words; I would like to clarify a little.

Printing large Romney/Ryan signs when the campaign could not supply us with them, was the idea of Sen. James Settelmeyer and he and I both shared in those costs. I then yielded my most premium sign locations for those signs.

We have an extremely good Representative in Senator Settelmeyer and credit should be given where credit is due.

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