Cowboy Poetry part of tradition |

Cowboy Poetry part of tradition

Douglas County residents have been using events to attract visitors for a century, starting with Carson Valley Day in 1910.

It was only in the last half century that the ready-made attraction that was Lake Tahoe became readily accessible to the general public.

This week Genoa, Nevada’s oldest town (yeah, you heard right, Dayton) will celebrate the state’s rural past with a Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival.

A round-up of activities ranging from black-smithing to riding and roping, to two-stepping, the event is in its third year. Proceeds go to supplement funds raised during Candy Dance to support the town.

There is still a little government support for the Cowboy Poetry festival coming from the county and state. Success will come when the event becomes not only self-sustaining, but begins to generate real capital needed to make Genoa the destination it should be.

In the meantime, as the temperature warms up, so will the local activities.

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As Douglas County’s economy starts to shake off the malaise of the last few years, we need to be prepared to take advantage of growth in tourism, just as we need to be prepared for growth in other sectors.

That way we’ll be able to leverage the coming prosperity to benefit all the county’s residents.

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