Conspiracy where you find it |

Conspiracy where you find it

William Barwig


If I may respond to the Dec. 23, 2012, editorial section in which, not one, but two individuals saw fit to criticize one Mr. Stuart Posselt. When one’s education comes from the mainstream media, it is easy to understand the knowledge, or lack thereof.

When something has not transpired yet, does that mean it never will? Conspiracy theories are sometimes food for thought, but one must try to imagine, and think outside the box. One must ask questions. But in order to wonder, or ask, one’s mind must be a bit wider than some.

The fellow from Minden sounded somewhat knowledgeable until he mentioned George H.W. Bush. But in his effort to be all knowing, he forgot to mention that during his presidency, George H.W. mentioned “the new world order” 250 times. Now, do the criticizers even know what was meant, and why he saw the need to even utter those words? The criticizer included George H.W. as though that lent credibility to his rant. “The new world order” must mean something, but what is that something?

Wow! Some people probably think the “Declaration of Independence” was a conspiracy against good ole King George III.

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