Concerned by Brady campaign |

Concerned by Brady campaign


I read with interest The Record-Courier's Feb. 2 news article regarding Mr. David Brady's campaign as challenger for Douglas County Sheriff. I am concerned, however, because Mr. Brady's statements and assertions regarding Mr. Steve Orr, as his potential undersheriff, are grossly misleading.

First, the campaign is for sheriff — not undersheriff. The challenger should be qualified on his own merits — not those of one of his staff.

Second, the current undersheriff, Mr. Paul Howell, has served the Sheriff's Office for 25 years with distinction, and he continues to serve in that capacity. Because the undersheriff position is classified in the county personnel system, Mr. Brady could not replace him with Mr. Orr or anyone else for that matter. This shows that Mr. Brady and his team either do not understand county personnel regulations, a bad beginning, or they have misinterpreted them.

Or, could it be that Mr Brady is considering hiring a second undersheriff, if elected, to help him because his personal qualifications are lacking? Personally, I do not believe the Douglas County commissioners would allow anyone to create a new position in any department for the sole purpose of overcoming a lack of experience and training.

Finally, it is my understanding that Mr. Brady is not Nevada POST certified at the level required by law to enable him to enforce our laws as Sheriff. (He would have one year after his election to complete the required training [NRS 289.550]). So in the unlikely event Mr. Brady was elected sheriff, he would have to take a four month's leave of absence from his duties to complete his POST training. During his absence, presumably, his undersheriff would be in charge while he was away at school.

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I urge readers and listeners to carefully scrutinize Mr. Brady's political rhetoric and vague assertions, to examine his credentials, to question his motives, and to ask key questions regarding what exactly he would do if elected, and how, exactly, he would accomplish his goals.

William Souligny


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