Commissioners need to listen |

Commissioners need to listen


I guess I am naive or misinformed. I thought when an official got elected it was to represent the will of the people. After the May 1 meeting of the Douglas County commissioners, I found that is not the case.

In fact, I felt nothing but contempt and disregard from the majority of them towards those of us who attended that meeting.

A very controversial subject was on the agenda, and they were asked to move it to the head of the agenda so that the mass of people who planned on attending would not have to wait around. They would not do that and even listed it as No. 13. When the mass showed up, the commissioners stopped the meeting and asked that we go home and come back later. Unfortunately, many did and did not return but that still left a mob of about 140 of we mature citizens left to stand around and wait. No. 9 on the agenda was scheduled for 20 minutes, but they managed to drag it out for an hour and a half. Many of us felt this was done to discourage more of us to leave. More did. That item could have been handled in the 20 minutes allotted had they listened to the public speakers as no one was in favor of it, but of course they went ahead and made a change in the master plan.

A break was taken and one of the commissioners came out front and assured those of us outside that the water rate hike had not been voted on previously. Turns out at the March 26th meeting, it was. When it finally came time for item 13 to be discussed, we were discouraged from speaking and they did not want repetition yet it was OK for them to be repetitive on no. 9 just to drag it out. I have to admit by then I was furious with the treatment from those elected officials toward all of us.

My ending comment about recall got a snide remark from Doug Johnson and that makes him No. 1 on my recall list.

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When election time comes, this time or next, please remember Barry Penzel is the only one of them who honestly represents we the voters.

Thelma Rogers


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