Christian rock music rolls into the Ranchos |

Christian rock music rolls into the Ranchos

by Caryn Haller

Gardnerville resident and Douglas High School senior-to-be Anaya Wilson believes in using her music to share her Christian faith.

Anaya is one of three musicians featured in a free all-ages concert 7 p.m. Friday at Valley Christian Fellowship.

“My faith is everything. I try to really make it the center point of everything I do,” the 17-year-old said. “When I play music I feel like it’s a talent God has given me to communicate with Him, and a way I can reach other people and show them who He really is.”

Anaya taught herself to play guitar when she was 15, and since then has written more songs than she can count.

“Most of the music I play and write tends to be Christian, but I write about silly things, too, that aren’t Christian-based, like spiders,” she said. “Music is an escape. Whenever I’ve had a bad day I can write music about it, and it helps me get it out. It’s how I have free time and express myself.”

This will be Anaya’s first concert performance, but she leads worship weekly at Valley Christian Fellowship’s youth group Tuesday nights, Carson Valley Senior Living on Saturday evenings and at her home church of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship on Sunday mornings. She also plays at First Baptist Church for its Teen Community Bible Study.

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Anaya is hoping to have a large number of teenagers in the audience Friday night.

“It’s a great opportunity to not be judged on your faith,” she said. “A lot of people, especially teens, feel like releasing their faith in public is scary. Going to this concert is a great way for them to connect and not worry about what other people think.”

Headlining the concert is singer/songwriter Josiah James from California who has released four CDs and performed in more than 500 concerts nationwide.

“I’m a mess-up who loves Jesus,” he said on his website. “And I play music because I believe in something far greater than the emptiness this world has to offer.”

His latest CD “All Forgotten Things” was released in January.

The idea behind the album came from the example of the Christian walk in comparison to Israel, James said.

“Just like how Israel always forgot God’s goodness and faithfulness in saving them, and then turning away from God and towards idols, so we turn away from Him and forgot our true love and joy,” he said. “The CD, ‘All Forgotten Things’ is to be looked at as a bunch of reminders I need to tell myself, and I feel every person needs to know.”

Reno worship leader Luis Cruz will also be performing.

Friday’s concert is the first in a series of free concerts produced by Inline Music Productions.

An Aug. 17 concert in Lampe Park will feature Gardnerville’s own Once Refused, Carson City band I Am They and two others. A third concert is planned for Oct. 19 with the venue to be announced later.

Valley Christian Fellowship is located at 811 Short Court in the Gardnerville Ranchos. For more information call, 265-4100 or

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