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Judith Kohz


Candidates for Douglas County commissioner were required to submit their latest campaign contribution reports by no later than Oct. 16. Following is some of the information submitted, which – in my opinion – deserves the attention of all Douglas County residents.

A: More than 75 percent of contributions to Frank Godecke’s campaign came from Edgewood Companies (formerly Park Cattle Co.), and the South Tahoe Alliance of Resorts (whose largest and most influential member is the aforementioned Edgewood Companies). Additionally, the President of Edgewood is also an officer of the “Alliance.” It seems significant that so much of Mr. Godecke’s campaign contributions come from these special interest groups. Remember Edgewood’s recent proposal to build 4,500 homes in the Carson Valley? Would Mr. Godecke feel beholden to Edgewood for their financial support if they again wanted to build thousands of homes here in the Valley?

B: Mike Olson’s three biggest campaign contributors to date are the Park Political Action Committee (again, Edgewood Companies), the South Tahoe Alliance of Resorts (noted above also as a Godecke campaign contributor), and the Las Vegas-based Board of Realtors PAC. The question arises as to why would a Vegas-based group of realtors be Mr. Olson’s other biggest contributor? Again, Mike Olson appears to be well-connected with special interest groups, all of which are pro-development. Finally, Mr. Olson amended his required June 8 contributions report submitted on Oct. 16. Why would it take over three months to correct legally required reports on contributions made back in May?

If you review the contribution reports of both Doug Johnson and Barry Penzel, you will find that most of their contributions are from individuals, with one notable exception from the Carson Valley Inn to Doug Johnson, which does not seem to be out of the ordinary.

Since both Frank Godecke and Mike Olson appear to be too closely tied to Edgewood and other pro-development special interest groups, it would appear that Doug Johnson and Barry Penzel can better represent the interests of the community as a whole. Please join me in supporting Mr. Johnson and Mr. Penzel.

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