Cameras may be answer downtown |

Cameras may be answer downtown

On a Sunday morning, the bartender for Nevada Ugly came under gunfire while cleaning up the bar after closing.

He heard the gunfire and saw the bar window shatter, which is how he knew that someone was shooting at him.

That he wasn’t hit by the bullet passing through the window was just blind luck. It certainly wasn’t due to any skill on the part of the shooter.

Prosecuting the shooter should be a priority for Carson Valley authorities.

We agree with neighboring bar manager Steve Orlando that this is not acceptable behavior for our town.

There aren’t too many weekends when some kind of drunken shenanigans aren’t happening in the wee small hours of the morning in downtown Gardnerville.

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In the not too distant past, the town of Gardnerville had a night watchman. While we’re not in favor of expanding government, having someone watching the town at night might help reduce the number of incidents.

Barring that or establishing a curfew, which we know many of the barkeeps will oppose, perhaps the solution is to set up cameras on either side of downtown.

Knowledge that someone’s watching what’s going on in the middle of the night might reduce the craziness and help bring perpetrators to justice more easily.

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