Bypassing Lutheran Bridge next step in trails process |

Bypassing Lutheran Bridge next step in trails process

Building the Genoa Vista Trail between Nevada’s oldest town and one of the state’s oldest resorts wasn’t particularly easy.

There were only a handful of property owners to negotiate over a very short distance, and yet that took longer than it did to get the trail in place.

Just as Genoa was a good place to start a town, it was also a good place to start the county’s trails effort.

With the 1.2-mile Vista Trail and the Genoa-Sierra Canyon Loop Trail, the town has great opportunities for hikers to explore its upper reaches, making it an ever bigger destination than it was before.

We know making a connection with tourists was the goal of the $800,000 trail, but there’s one connection the county should make a priority for its own residents.

There’s no safe nonmotorized path between Carson Valley’s largest community and its largest recreational facility.

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The distance from the intersection of Centerville Lane and Dresslerville Road to Lampe Park is 1.7 miles, a little longer than the completed Vista Trail.

But the real challenge on the route, both for pedestrians and engineers is the bottleneck at Lutheran Bridge crossing the Carson River. Any trail between the Gardnerville Ranchos and Gardnerville would have to start by giving foot and bicycle traffic a spot where it doesn’t have to compete with cars. Any trail that encourages people to walk the narrow bridge would needlessly put them in danger.

We know money’s tight. Funding for the Genoa trail came from redevelopment money the county assigned to the project when the Legislature was looking for cash to balance the state budget.

We urge county officials to explore finding a way past the bottleneck and bring the same benefit to our residents that we’ve brought to our visitors.

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