Bo could use education |

Bo could use education

Danna Meyer


Mr. Van Dien since you appear to be the only one to have any contact with Bo the Builder, perhaps you could take a few minutes to educate Bo to the facts. It seems that Bo, in your last conversation stated that the House of Representatives “gets to appropriate all federal spending, even for the President’s outlandishly costly diplomatic trips.”

This is true, however the fact is that the House of Representatives was controlled by the Democrats for four of the last six years.

In fact, the Democrats, during the first half of President Obama’s term, controlled three bodies of the American government, the Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate, controlled by the Democrats for the last four years has not even passed one budget, even though it is mandated in the Constitution. In fact the budgets presented to the Senate, controlled by the Democrats, by President Obama did not even receive one vote from his own party. Perhaps “Bo” should have a conversation with his erstwhile “leader” Harry Reid, since Harry seems quite often to seek counsel from imaginary people, and ask Harry to bring any or all of the bills passed recently by the House to the senate floor for debate.

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