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Blessed by Grammy


I have four children ages 23-15. My life is very full. I own my own business, and my children are very involved with athletics. My oldest daughter is getting married next June and my second oldest is at West Point, U.S. Miltiary Academy. So why would I take anything else on? Two years ago my grammy became ill and after her recovery our entire family decided it was best for her to move in with us. So I got blessed with my 95-year-old grandmother. She had been living in Merrill Gardens for almost seven years. Not knowing how long it was going to be, we just wanted her final time to be the best surrounded by family. What we discovered is that it’s not just doctor’s appointments and bed pans. It has been wonderful hearing stories of her growning up and meeting my grandfather who passed five years ago from Alzheimer’s which took its toll on her after being married 67 years. We have learned about her life in such detail and the way life in general has changed from no telephones to iPhones that she can use to facetime her family that live all over the country. We never get tired of listening. When eat dinner together most ever night she captures everyones attention. Not only my 15 and 16-year-old children, but my husband and I have truly enjoyed having her with us. I can’t deny that we have crazy moments of daily appointments and Friday hair-do’s, but we have to do a lot of juggling to make sure everyone is happy and where they need to be, which at times looks like total chaos. We live in a throw away society, family, parents or grandparents getting to a certain age that we just put them in a home, only seeing them on holidays for a couple hours. What I have learned from this amazing experience is so much about the little details in life. If you have the opportunity to care for a parent or grandparent, grab the chance. In the end there will be more good days then bad. Ultimately family matters. I love you, Grammy.