Big storm, big wind |

Big storm, big wind

Read through the old editions of The Record-Courier and it's not long before you recognize a pattern.

Always in tune with the weather and the snowpack, it wasn't unusual for there to be several items in the early weeks of the year remarking on how dry it was.

Then right around the first week of February, it would be flooding.

We didn't have anything quite like that this year, but it was a very dry January right up to pretty much the last minute.

A week after the Jan. 30 storm there was still a huge snow berm in front of the Douglas County courthouse, an indication of how much snow the Valley received from one storm.

But this weekend's atmospheric river washed away most of the snow remaining in the Valley, dropping 2 inches of rain in the West Valley and dumping some heavy wet snow in the mountains.

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Some of the numbers are shocking, Sheridan Acres recorded 2.42 inches of rain during the storm. Minden pulled in the better part of an inch. Markleeville saw 3.61 inches of rain during the storm.

It was a welcome break from 2013, which was as dry as any year we've seen in the past century.

We could still see a dearth of moisture during the rest of the winter, leaving us high and dry for a third year. It will take a while to recover from two dry years, but if there's any place where you can go from broke to flush in a weekend, it's Nevada.

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