Big fish eating little fish |

Big fish eating little fish

Proposals to change educational funding formulas for the state’s institutions of higher learning are an example of what happens when resources become scarce.

The big fish start eating the little fish.

While we won’t know for sure what’s going to happen with the state’s revenue until we get closer to the 2013 Legislature, it doesn’t look like there will be a substantial increase in the amount of money available.

We do know that with even maintaining current funding under attack by state conservatives, it’s a good bet that college funding won’t be increased anytime soon.

Following the money doesn’t require much work, it tends to roll downhill and into the bottom of the state.

The proposal to fund colleges and universities by giving weight to certain high level graduate work at the universities, doesn’t do much damage to Washoe County. That undercuts the rural county’s chief protector and leaves those of us living in rural counties to do more with less.

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That those counties also tend to be the home to the state’s more conservative lawmakers is not lost on us. A two-thirds majority of the Legislature is required to increase taxes, but isn’t required to push through the funding formula for the universities, which account for a chunk of the state’s budget.

And that’s a lesson in economics we feel our college students should learn in the classroom, not by being locked out of it.

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