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Better argument than mine


Once I got past the gratuitous personal slurs and irrelevant commentary, I realized that Darnell Leegard's recent letter made a better case to re-elect Assemblyman Jim Wheeler than I did.

Anyone who proposes to replace the NPRI and Citizen's Outreach number one rated legislator in Northern Nevada (and NRA top-rated) will need to bring more than a fetching biography. It shouldn't surprise us that Ms. Leegard would rather highlight candidate gender over the incumbent's legislative record and where the candidates stand on the issues.

To the charge of being "a frequent letter-writer for the Wheeler campaign," I proudly admit it. The former AD39 seat warmer ran as a Republican, but voted for the governor's economy-wrecking tax hikes once in office. Wheeler supporters got Jim elected on a financial shoestring, without the piles of cash from a white shoe Vegas law firm his opponent enjoyed. We walked precincts and made phone calls to expose this self-dealer, who shafted his constituents so he could become one of the governor's cronies. We worked too hard to sit by quietly and allow our work to be nullified by the sore loser's recent smear campaign.

Jim Wheeler's record reflects his efforts to shrink the size of government and cut taxes. Contrary to Ms. Leegard, standing up for recession-whipped Nevada businesses and citizens against Sandoval's tax hikes and arm-twisting Amazon to charge sales tax to Nevada customers is not anarchy.

Assembly District 39 voters found out the hard way that not just anyone with an "R" next to their name can be trusted to support Republican party core principles. Jim Wheeler can.

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