Barrier to more than Service Drive |

Barrier to more than Service Drive

Bob Chambers


So far the only problem that most people are focused on the Walmart barrier on Highway 395 is with Service Drive and the businesses there. I have not seen anyone report about the problem that barrier causes with getting out of Les Schwab. If you are coming from town it’s easy to come out of Les Schwab going north.

But for those of us who live to the south there is no way of making a left turn out of Les Schwab’s parking lot thanks to the Walmart engineers. In fact, the only way out of the Les Schwab parking lot with the Walmart barrier is to go north.

And since the South Gardnerville Walmart was built for people in the Ranchos, blocking off the left turn out of Les Schwab seems to be in the best interests of Walmart’s tire store. That seems to be just another way of favoring the big box store over local business.

The fix is easy. Just remove the Highway 395 median south of Walmart’s entrance.

We’ve been able to get in and out of Les Schwab’s driveways for years without a barrier so why do we need it now?

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