Backing Tom Perkins |

Backing Tom Perkins

Dick McCole


I knew Judge Tom Perkins even before I knew that I knew him. He was the guy I’d see often riding his bike down Highway 395 on his way to visit family in Carson City. I then started seeing him all around downtown Minden, riding his bike to and from work as our assistant district attorney. He wore a wide brim hat with one pant leg rolled-up and occasionally with his dog “Buddy” in tow.

I had the pleasure of riding with him and friends in the Carson Valley parade this year. Many people I did not know came from the crowd to shake Tom’s hand and they all had a similar message. To thank him for what he has done in court to help them and their families overcome a situation or hardship. After witnessing this numerous times, Tom turned to us and said “that’s what this job is all about.”

You will not find a more qualified and dedicated public servant than Tom Perkins. One who takes his job (as our current justice of the peace) most seriously. That’s why he has my vote.

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