Backing Penzel |

Backing Penzel

Carol Bennis


Recently I heard Barry Penzel speak and I was very impressed with his knowledge of the community, accountability to the community, and his background knowledge and experience. He shares the same opinion that the commissioners need to do their homework prior to the meetings, listen to not only their constituents but the county as a whole, and what the voters have said by their previous ballots. Not once but twice we have voted down a new community center. I would think the commissioners would especially take note in this current economy we are experiencing in Douglas County

The $12-plus million being spent on a community center at this time, seems a little irresponsible when people are losing their homes due to lack of employment in our community and are barely able to afford their homes as it is and then you throw in increasing taxes too. What about the senior citizens who are on a fixed income and did vote no on the last two ballots? Is there no responsibility to us?

It seems this community has worked together with the current facilities at hand in the valley over the years without much problem. I would think the current commissioners would think twice about raising taxes and forcing people to leave the Valley to not just survive, but live. I do want to commend the current board for finally realizing the inadequacies of the different water rates and resolving the water rate problems on the west side of the valley. This wasn’t an easy situation but they finally were able to resolve a problem that had gone on for over forty years by previous commissioners sidestepping the issue.

Realizing many on the commission did not take office until after this latest fiasco of $600,000-plus again impacting the homeowner. The commission office is difficult at the least and cannot please everyone all the time, they do have a responsibility to the tax payers to keep expenses of the local government at reasonable rate and not incur lawsuits.

I would also like to thank Doug Johnson for representing the county as a whole and not just his district. He has always been open, approachable and willing to talk to all of Douglas County constituents.

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