Attack of super PACs |

Attack of super PACs

Cindy Triggchairwoman Douglas CountyDemocratic Central Committee

EDITOR:“Even Americans for Prosperity, the main political group of the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch (once regarded as the most secretive of secret spenders), has opened up about its spending, instructing its press shop to provide reporters with details about its $72 million worth of ad buys.”Read more: those “nonpartisan” political educators introduced at our Friday concert in the Park by Lee Bonner. Your elected officials telling you they “had no idea” they were partisan. That my concern was empty, bombastic and laughable.This group, these people are responsible for some of the most appalling, dishonest ads we are seeing. Along with Crossroads for America, Karl Rove’s richly funded Super PAC. Regardless of who you plan on voting for, you deserve to know who is funding their ads. You deserve to know who will reap the windfall and benefits of their candidates winning. Yes, Obama and the Democrats have A super PAC Priorities USA. That is 1 super pac compared to the multiple PACs by extreme wealthy Republicans.I love living in Douglas County. I know I am a political minority here but that is OK. My Republican friends and neighbors believe that we need to work together to continue to keep the beautiful Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe a desirable place to live. We all deserve to know where the ads come from, who is supporting our representatives and what those mega donations will buy from those who are supposedly working for us. It does not make any difference what office it is, local, state or federal. We are not for sale, our vote is not for sale. Elected officials are supposed to work for us. Once elected they are supposed to represent all of us regardless of party affilliation. I think our elected officials have forgotten that point. We should remind them that it does not make any difference how much outside money they pour in, it is how they conduct our business, not the business of their donors. This is a message for any political party. You represent us, not the money.

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