Arts critical to education |

Arts critical to education

Elise Anderson


Studying the arts prepares students considerably for the workplace.

According to Americans for Arts, “U.S. employers rate creativity and innovation among the top five skills that will increase in importance in the next five years, and rank it among the top challenges facing CEOs.”

Additionally, “Employers and administrators (76 percent) agree that a college degree in the arts is the most significant indicator of creativity in a prospective job candidate.”

In Douglas County we don’t support the arts. We put them on the chopping block every year.

Since our music students are rarely ever mentioned except at their field shows around the state by judges praising their performance, I want to say thank you to the DHS music department for everything you do and have accomplished.

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Thank you for your performances throughout the years at our state and county parades.

Our DHS band students and their infamous, fearless leader, Bill Zabelsky, spend the last couple remaining weeks of their precious summer vacations practicing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

All through football season the DHS marching band plays at the home games on Friday nights, and back it up with 9 to 5 rehearsals on Saturday.

Field shows in Reno, Las Vegas and Anaheim that last late into the competitions because these kids are always in the finals.

Dedication, talent, positive attitudes, no complaining , that’s our band.

An auditorium in the remodel plans of DHS, like promised, could very easily be an asset to Douglas High School.

We could sponsor musical events, field show competitions etc.. and raise money for the music programs.

We need the initial investment, we have it, a $17 million bond-funded remodel of Douglas High School. But there is no mention of adding or even improving anything for the music department.

Our administration needs to use this money wisely.

We need to provide learning environments that reach beyond the classroom and nurture student creativity.

Douglas County, please support our musicians and their teachers.

Give our citizens a proper place, an auditorium, to sit and enjoy the beautiful music they have worked so hard to accomplish.

May there always be a song in your hearts and music in your lives.

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