Applauding a quick response |

Applauding a quick response

Within minutes of being reported, a line of flames from the Carter Springs fire was raging up the mountain side consuming pinon trees like popcorn.

After the flames passed, the few homes that were before obscured by the forest, were now surrounded by the smoking blackened sticks that were once trees.

That those homes and others in the Pine Nuts still stand is a testament to the effort firefighters from all over Western Nevada put into saving them.

The full-court press that protected those homes can be seen in the aerial battle which supported ground firefighters.

Ten air tankers flew over the fire raining down water and retardant to stop the fire from jumping Highway 395 and threatening the homes on the other side.

Anyone within 20 miles knew there was a big fire as the Pine Nut volcano sent a plume of smoke into the upper atmosphere.

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Burning through the night, residents of both Carson Valley and Carson City could watch the red glow reflected off the smoke that has become unfortunately too familiar a sight this summer.

Firefighters had most of the fire lassoed by Monday afternoon, despite windy weather over the weekend.

Our congratulations and thanks to East Fork firefighters and their allies from jurisdictions from all over the Sierra Front for averting disaster in the mountains.

Hopefully, knock on wood, at some point we will be able to write the finale to this all-too-long fire season.

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