An argument for open negotiations |

An argument for open negotiations

Imagine being told you weren’t going to have a job next year.

We’ve been going through the cycle of telling teachers they were not coming back next year and then taking it all back after negotiations to lower salaries across the board were over.

The unfairness of the process isn’t just about the power of the education association or the school board to try and force the situation.

It’s about a system that we’ve allowed to drift out of the control of the people’s representatives in talking to the people’s employees.

And then hearing the next year, the same thing. And then the next year.

After a while, you would probably try to figure out something else to do.

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On odd years, the hold up is that the Legislature requires every governmental entity in Nevada but itself to present a balanced budget by mid-May.

But on even years, we don’t even have the Nevada Legislature to blame.

There was some talk at the last Legislature of opening negotiations with public employeess up to public scrutiny.

Now, they are a black box emitting no information until negotiations or mediation result in a conclusion.

We heard it on the county side, elected officials have no control over what public employees are paid, only their numbers.

We don’t know if having negotiations out in the open will improve the process, but we believe in our hearts that the people’s business should be conducted where the people can see it.

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