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Alternate may be for best

Like most of Carson Valley’s controversial roads, Zerolene barely exists.

Starting in the parking lot of a business, it is paved about a quarter of the way down its present length, though not all the way across the right of way for that portion that has asphalt.

Developers say that as the back door to The Ranch, it must be passable in a 100-year-flood, which means a bridge must be built over Martin Slough.

Project Engineer Rob Anderson said the improvement is a regional one and that the developer would be willing to participate, but doesn’t want to pay full freight.

From discussions at both town boards and before the planning commission, we expected some mention of the new route at last week’s county commission meeting.

It appears that the route will have to wait for another modification to the plans for The Ranch at Gardnerville. Certainly there’s plenty of time between now and when The Ranch completes its first half, estimated at 2024.

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We believe the simplest solution is the one proposed by Minden Engineer Bruce Scott who suggested the developer complete Heybourne ahead of phasing.

That would provide an alternative route through the project, one that wouldn’t require the developer to construct anything that they haven’t already agreed to build.

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