Alpine County officials correct record |

Alpine County officials correct record

On June 27, The Record-Courier published a guest column from Alpine County resident Nancy Thornburg. In that column she accused Donald O'Connor and Teola Tremayne of failure to establish a domicile in Alpine County, and lying under oath when they filed for the offices of Alpine County Assessor-Recorder and Alpine County Clerk. In a letter to The R-C, Mr. O'Conner stated that he has lived continuously in Alpine County since Nov. 1, 2013, when he leased a residence. On June 15, 2014, Mr. O'Connor said he moved with his family to another residence in Markleeville. He said he has listed his residence in Gardnerville with a Realtor, and that he registered to vote in Alpine County the same time he filed his declaration of candidacy, and therefore did not lie under oath. In both instances, The R-C regrets the error and is publishing Ms. Tremayne's letter in full.

On June 27, 2014, you published an article in your Guest Column written by Nancy C. Thornburg entitled "Alpine elected officials should live in Alpine County." The article contained the following false statements:

1. "In the recent local election the voters of Alpine County elected two new county officials — county assessor-recorder and county clerk — both of whom live in Nevada with their respective spouses and children." The statement is made in the present tense meaning that currently (and by implication, prior to and during the election) I lived in Nevada. I have lived in Alpine County continuously since Nov. 1, 2013. I rented a residence located at 185 Larson Canyon, Woodfords, Calif., from Todd Process commencing on Nov. 1, 2013. Thereafter, all of my personal mail was received in Markleeville. I was issued a California Department of Motor Vehicles Drivers License in December 2013. I registered my vehicle with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. On Dec. 19, 2013, I registered to vote in Alpine County. I filed California State tax returns. I filed my declaration of Candidacy for the office of Alpine County Clerk on Dec. 27, 2013.

2. "My husband and I have fought this voter residency issue here in Alpine County for decades and are dismayed to see that it has come to this. Two people who lied under oath when they registered to vote in order to obtain something they wanted."

I hearby request that you retract these false statements and that you publish such retraction and correction in substantially as conspicuous a manner as the false statements described above with the same frequency and at the same times as the original statements were published. This request is made pursuant to California Civil Code Section 48a and Nevada Revised Statute 41.336.

Teola Tremayne is Clerk-Treasurer elect of Alpine County.

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