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Against gay marriage


After the voters of Nevada passed a law designating that "marriage" be defined as a union between a man and a woman, Nevada??s Democrat Attorney General has co-opted with the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and decided that "we can't win after the 9th Circuit changed the rules" (by deciding in another case that any law that deals with homosexual people requires heightened scrutiny with regard to possible discrimination).

Shame on our progressive, Republican governor who has fallen for such a vacuous ploy. Stand up Nevada. The people of California voted twice to keep marriage and family values intact but because the governor (also a progressive Republican) and Democrat state attorney general didn't want to "bother" to show up in court to defend the people's choices, traditional marriage and the family unit in California are being destroyed.

Now it's happening all over again, in Nevada. I'm disgusted and saddened that, once again, elected officials have decided not to fight for what the voters who elected them want.

The 9th Circuit is famous for legislating from the bench. Nevada needs to appeal this bad decision. If Nevada doesn't stand up to this insanity, we might as well have a Constitution bonfire, because our elected officials are refusing to stand up for the wishes of we the people and our votes are becoming meaningless.

Teri A. Cotham

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