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A moment in time


A few years ago, I was arrowhead hunting with my granddaughter, who was about 5 years old.

We were on Double Spring Flat just past Leviathan Mine Road. You may remember that it's the long, high flat up on Highway 395 south, just before you drop down to Holbrook Junction and Lake Tahoe.

There are two springs there, and it's kind of flat, too, which is why we call it Double Spring Flat. I hear the new people there call it Spring Valley now. I guess they didn't want to be associated with anything called a flat.

There's a trail there that the Washoe used when they headed south to their land in what's now called Antelope Valley. The Springs made a good camping spot, and it's a good source for arrowheads, or it was. It's been pretty much picked over now.

So I'm side hilling up the mountain at the second spring, looking along for arrowheads, and my granddaughter, Andie Jai, is working her way down. Next thing you know, she's 300-400 yards away from me so I yelled out for her to come back up. When she got back, I asked her why she'd gotten so far away.

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She looked up and said, "You forgot to hold my hand."

Bob Murray


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