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A family in uniform serves together

Proving the family that serves together stays together, Johnson Lane resident Dave Goetsch brought by a photo of his son, Col. David Goetsch with his wife and two sons, all wearing their uniforms.

Dave's daughter-in-law, Sharon, was a lieutenant colonel who served in Afghanistan as a liaison with the U.S. Army. The couple's children, two of David's 25 grandchildren, are Conrad and David Adam Goetsch, who've both served in the Army.

Conrad was a sniper until he mustered out on an 80-percent disability, while David Adam was an MP, but is now at St. Louis University pursuing a masters degree.

Col. Goetsch was recently deputy director at Fort Irwin, Calif., and is living in Apple Valley, Calif.

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It occurred to me the other day that it's probably time to stop referring to Gardnerville's project on the S curve by its last and least successful iteration.

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I've mentioned to a couple of Gardnerville Town Board members that I thought the project should be renamed after Virgil Condron, who purchased the gas station in 1958 and built the current building in 1961.

The Condrons have contributed significantly to Carson Valley in addition to their direct connection with that gas station.

The time probably isn't ripe for a formal naming, but hopefully that issue will come up soon.

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