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A decade of memories never forgotten

Special to The R-CThe Ruhenstroth Volunteer Fire Department barbecue in 2007.

It’s hard to believe that it was February 2002 when the first column for Ruhenstroth appeared in The Record-Courier. After enjoying all the neighborhood columns since moving here in 1997, a timid me approached the paper wondering why Ruhenstroth didn’t have a column. At that time, the Fish Springs Flier, Johnson Lane Journal, and Ranchos Roundup were representing the other sections of Douglas County. There was one for Topaz or Sweetwater and perhaps one for Genoa, but their names escape me now. It seems that no one had ever offered to do a column for the neighborhood. After a few interviews, we were off and running. First order of business was to decide on a name. The residents suggested, voted on, and chose their favorite. And the Ruhenstroth Ramblings was born.

We’ve covered a lot of news in the neighborhood over the years: from water issues when underground water levels were so low that wells were drying up, to Christmas lighting contests, to working on an entrance sign for the neighborhood, to mercury vapor lights, to meeting neighbors, to speeding or safety issues, to neighborhood block parties also known as the Volunteer Fire Department’s annual barbecue and, of course, being able to meet the individual firefighters that selflessly protect us.

It has truly been a privilege to share your stories with the rest of Carson Valley; and hopefully, you have enjoyed the information and learned a little along the way. If you’ve followed the column at all, you’ll remember my 60th birthday column last year where I made a promise to myself to celebrate life each and every day rather than just on birthdays. It has opened up many doors to opportunities never thought possible as well as things that I have been putting off. You know those things we tell ourselves we will get to later or next year, but the time just never seems to arrive when we give ourselves permission to take charge and go for it.

About 25 years ago, I started a book and then put it aside. Life just got in the way. I’ve worked on it sporadically, but never fully embraced it. In the last five or so years, another book series (actually a program) for children also begged for a voice; but I put it off as well. In the last few months another book has started. Do you see a pattern? It’s time to give these “birds” (ideas) the chance to fly.

Not wanting to see the column just fade away was probably the main reason for continuing to write it these past several months. I believe in the timing of things and that it all works out for the best. This is the right time. And to prove it, right after I told Caryn (content coordinator at The Record-Courier) that I need to follow my heart, a new neighbor stepped up to continue the column. She has great energy and I believe you will enjoy her style. I’ll let her introduce herself to you in the next column.

While this is bittersweet and a bit scary, it is also exciting. A song in Mary Poppins sums it up very well for me: “If you reach for the stars, all you get are the stars. If you reach for the heavens, you get the stars thrown in. Anything can happen if you let it. Life is out there waiting so go and get it. Once you’ve started living life you just can’t get enough. Go and chase your dreams, you won’t regret it. Anything can happen if you let it.”

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Chase your own dreams and reach for the heavens, the stars will come to you.

Have a Ramblin good week.

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