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4-H members compete in livestock contests

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The Douglas County 4-H Market Animal members competed in the four-day, 2012 Nevada Junior Livestock Show held May 17-20 in Reno. The event attracts 4-H and FFA members from across Nevada and neighboring California counties. For four days, youth compete in livestock judging, market and breeding contests, fun festivities and the final sale and auction. 4-H is a youth development program of The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

The event started off with the Nevada State 4-H and FFA Livestock Judging Contest with judging teams from across Nevada. Livestock judging 4-H leader Matt McKinney prepared the youth for State.

For the Nevada State 4-H Livestock Judging competition on Thursday, youth judging teams put their skills to the test when they evaluated goats, cattle, swine and sheep according to industry standards. The youth had to evaluate seven separate classes of four animals in each class. Then the youth defended their decisions by presenting oral reasons to an official judge. Scores for each individual youth are determined by adding up the points for each class, including reasons scores. If a class is judged correctly, the youth receives 50 points with point deductions taken for mistakes made.

Douglas County 4-H Livestock Judging members were Ethan McKinney, Leah McKinney, Rosealee Rieman, Ethan Usher, and Maggie Usher.

The 2012 4-H Livestock Judging Contest winner for Douglas County 4-H was Maggie Usher.

Members also enjoyed a dance and banquet on May 19 after spending time learning about fitting and grooming their animals, cleaning stalls, hauling feed and water and practicing showmanship skills.

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Douglas County 4-H members of The Carson Valley Shepherds, Divine Swine, and Carson Valley Beef projects members all placed well:

Market Steers

Class 8 (1000-1350lbs)

3rd Connor Billman

4th Etienne Lekumberry

Class 4 Intermediate SteerShowmanship

1st Etienne Lekumberry

8th Connor Billman

Class 5 Senior Steer Showmanship

9th Etienne Lekumberry


Class 161 Beef Herdsmanship

3rd Douglas County Happy Beef

Class 164 Sheep Herdsmanship

11th Douglas County-Carson Valley Shepherds

Class 165 Swine Herdsmanship

6th Douglas County-Carson Valley Divine Swine

Class 188 Rabbit Herdsmanship

2nd Douglas County Rabbit Project

Market Rabbits

Class 178 Rabbit Single Fryer (1)

5th Kasey Williams

Class 179 Rabbit Meat Pen (3)

5th Hailey Fournier

6th Faye Fournier

Class 174 Junior Rabbit Showmanship

3rd Hailey Fournier

Class 175 Intermediate Rabbit Showmanship

2nd Faye Fournier

Class 176 Senior Rabbit Showmanship

3rd Kasey Williams


Class 110 WS&D Spring Ram Lamb

1st Leah McKinney

2nd Ethan McKinney

Class 113 WS&D Pair of Ram Lambs

1st Ethan McKinney

Class 114 WS&D Yearling Ram

1st Leah McKinney

Class 115 Ch. & Res. WS&D Ram

1st Leah McKinney

2nd Leah McKinney

Class 116 WS&D Spring Ewe Lamb

1st Leah McKinney

2nd Ethan McKinney

Class 117 WS&D Winter Ewe Lamb

3rd Cheyenne Bidart

Class 119 WS&D Pair of Ewe Lambs

1st Ethan McKinney

Class 120 WS&D Yearling Ewe

1st Leah McKinney

2nd Leah NcKinney

3rd Ethan McKinney

6th Cheyenne Bidart

Class 121 WS&D Pair of Yearling Ewes

1st Leah McKinney

Class 134 Young Flock

2nd Leah McKinney

Class 135 Best Bred & Owned

3rd Leah McKinney

5th Ethan McKinney

Class 88 Prospect lambs

1st Leah McKinney

2nd Ethan McKinney

Class 90 Ch. & Res. Feeder Lamb

2nd Leah McKinney

Class 93 Best Home Grown Market Lamb

4th Leah McKinney

5th Ethan McKinney

Class 94 Sheep Market Group

2nd Douglas County-5/Carson Valley Shepherds

Class 91 Market Lambs

1st Grace Bonafede

2nd Cheyenne Bidart

2nd Ethan McKinney

3rd Corie Nalder

3rd Luke Bonafede

3rd Rachel Godecke

3rd Ethan McKinney

4th Kelsey Nalder

4th Leah McKinney

6th Dominique Groffman

6th Leah McKinney

7th Griffin Frensdorff

8th Griffin Frensdorff

9th Emily Hone

Class 85 Junior Sheep Showmanship

3rd Luke Bonafede

Class 86 Intermediate Sheep Showmanship

4th Leah McKinney

7th Ethan McKinney

8th Corie Nalder

Class 87 Senior Sheep Showmanship

3rd Cheyenne Bidart

7th Kelsey Nalder

8th Rachel Godecke


Class 145 Market Swine (210-285 lbs)

2nd Payson McGill

3rd Amanda Hone

3rd Madison Smalley

3rd Meleeah McKown

5th Douglas VanNest

6th Rosealee Rieman

8th Sarah VanNest

10th Denver McGill

10th Meleeah McKown

12th Caitlyn Bidart

13th Corley Jo Raper

Class 138 Novice Swine Showmanship

1st Madison Smalley

Class 139 Junior Swine Showmanship

4th Payson McGill

6th Meleeah McKown

9th Madison Smalley

Class 140 Intermediate Swine Showmanship

4th Caitlyn Bidart

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