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July 26, 2014
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A bad first impression


I want to commend who had the good sense to remove all of those paper signs hanging on the wire fence at the intersection of highways 395 and 88.

It was such an injustice to the lovely community of Minden. I notice now they are starting to come back up again, I know it is probably hard for some one to monitor that — very simply a rag tag picture as you are sitting at the red light on Highway 88 especially for folks coming into the area from out of town.

Shel Sussman


Veterans not forgotten


I am a Korean vet and 78 years old, a retired building contractor after 40 years and two back surgeries. I’m now living on a modest income, and could not afford to get upper dentures fixed or replaced and the VA could not help me.

I saw an ad on TV last Veterans Day for free dental work with Holmes and Mannikko Dentistry in Carson City for veterans in need of cleaning and cavity check for one day only. I went to their office on Washington Street, and was greeted by Brenda Horton from Adopt-A-Vet, chapter 388 for Northern Nevada, who put me a qualifying list because I needed full denture on top and partial on the bottom, approximately $9,000 worth of work.

After about 5-6 months, I got a call from Brenda that a Gardnerville dentist, Timothy Pinther on Riverview Drive in Gardnerville, was willing to donate the work and his time. His staff and he treated me like a king, and Brenda from Adopt-A-Vet could not have been nicer.

I just wanted to thank them all and how grateful I am for all their help.

Guy Rasmussen


Looking for Conservatives


I am appalled to hear the campaign rhetoric spouted by Republican hopefuls in the past few weeks. One of them wants the Second Amendment to be re-visited, another thinks the minimum wage should be raised, and a third thinks a national voter I.D. would be racist. Maybe some of their remarks were taken out of context, but let me try to ‘clear the air’ as some readers may believe in all three.

First, the Second Amendment: the Founders of this great country knew what they were doing when they included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights. They had seen through personal experience what an unarmed populace would suffer from it’s own government when said government exceeded its authority and responsibility to the people. America would not exist today if it’s people didn’t have the right to defend themselves against threats foreign and domestic. The Founding Fathers were a group of very special men called upon to establish a unique and exceptional nation unlike any before or since. It was up to the people to elect their leaders and determine their futures by divine right. Not by the permission of some king or despot.

Second, the minimum wage: it is my understanding that the minimum wage was established to protect young, inexperienced workers from “sweat shop” conditions. The minimum wage is meant for workers without the necessary education, experience, or maturity to demand a higher wage. Typically, it is for teens still in high school, living at home, working their first job. Many businesses pay more than the mandatory minimum wage to start. It was never intended to be a living wage. If you are an older employee no longer living at home or have a family maybe you should consider going back to school or getting additional training to make yourself more valuable to a perspective employer. Make no mistake, businesses exist to make a profit and reward owners and employees for there hard work and dedication. If the business is not profitable how can it pay its employees?

Third, a national identification card: I should think that everyone could see the wisdom of this one. It would help assure that one man (woman), one vote would again be the rule of law. I am of the understanding that in certain circumstances some voters have voted several times in the same election. This is not only illegal, it’s immoral, and destroys one of the key tenets of democracy. Each of us has an equal responsibility to elect those who will lead us.

Dan Paterson


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