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July 11, 2014
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Stop attack on our gun rights


They’re back. Former New York Mayor Bloomberg’s latest astroturf front group is planning another attempt to criminalize private firearms transactions in Nevada, this time by ballot initiative. If you thought Gov. Sandoval’s veto of the universal gun background check bill in the last legislative session was the end of the matter in Nevada, think again.

It’s a bit rich that one of the group’s Nevada activists self-identifies as a veteran and gun owner, as if that confers the moral authority to strip others of their Second Amendment rights. That’s hardly a balance for the moral bankruptcy of government minders who have been waging a war for decades on gun rights, one “reasonable” step at a time. Many of those who tsk-tsk over imaginary gun sale loopholes silently abided the government killing of innocents at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast and Furious, the mass deaths at VA hospitals, and were accessories after the fact in the Benghazi slaughter.

If you want to see the utopia they plan for your future, pull up the nightly homicide reports from Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, or any other gun-free mecca. Pity the single mom in one of those crack-infested neighborhoods asking for more police protection while the gangbangers get all the guns they need.

A recent news article identified Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen as one of the many obscure government bureaucrats who enjoy a taxpayer-funded security detail. None of them are under any threat; their armed escort is strictly a perquisite for doing their boss’s political bidding. Yellen, for example, is suppressing interest rates to hide the true cost of the administration’s reckless borrowing.

The hypocrisy of the gun grabbers puts our single mom in legal jeopardy if she gets a gun to defend herself, forcing her to depend on an underfunded police department run by big city pols who think pepper spray equals waterboarding and proven crime prevention techniques like stop-and-frisk are racist. The government’s message to her is that the lives and families of anonymous public servants are more important than hers. The hole any one of them would leave in this world could be filled with an unmanned laptop.

If this latest gun control initiative gets enough signatures, it will next be brought to the Nevada Legislature, so let’s take a moment to applaud the wisdom of Assembly District 39 Republican voters, who delivered a landslide primary election victory to Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, a proven defender of gun rights. This Constitutional conservative will be a leading voice for freedom in the upcoming legislative session.

Don’t be goaded, guilted, or tricked into signing the background check petition. Go to to find out what you can do to stop this attack on our rights.

Lynn Muzzy


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