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May 30, 2014
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What do they want for their money


I was surprised by the headline article’s opening sentence in the May 23 Record-Courier proclaiming Reedy the winner in the race for donations. This claim was somewhat misleading as the real race will not be over until June 10.

So let’s take a closer look at the donations collected by Jim Wheeler’s opponent. After analyzing the contributions and expense report submitted by Wheeler’s opponent, I found the following:

$20,000 from Clark County

$4,200 from California

$15,217 from outside Assembly District 39

$39,417 Subtotal from outside Assembly District 39

$3,951 from Assembly District 39

$1,958 total amount of contributions of $100 or less.

The article then claimed that “not all of Reedy’s campaign contributions are from outside the district.”

In my opinion, $39,417 out of $45,356 (87 percent) in donations from outside of District 39 is a significant amount of money from outside District 39 that is meant to influence the outcome of the election.

This significant amount should beg a few questions as to the expectations and motivations of these out of District 39 donors for such largesse. Where will Reedy’s allegiances be and also why only 13 percent of the donations came from within District 39.

We elect our representatives to represent our interests, and not those of individuals outside of Assembly District 39. Please remember this when you go to vote and vote to re-elect Jim Wheeler as our representative for Assembly District 39.

Joseph Ruisi


What who said and when


I enjoy viewing “Nevada Newsmakers” and recently wrote a letter to The Record-Courier editor concerning the April 23, 2014, program, (which was published in The Record-Courier) regarding Assemblyman Wheeler’s campaign manager not allowing him to participate in a debate if he could not have the questions in advance.

A few days later I received several instant messages from Walter Nowasad, which I felt were challenging my letter. I learned years ago to document what I put in writing.

I invite anyone who is interested in the truth to go to the website Nevada Newsmakers, click videos and select April 23, 2014. After commercials you can hear for yourself what Mr. Shad stated about the reason Assemblyman Wheeler did not appear.

But, for some odd reason, Mr. Nowasad misrepresented my letter when he wrote Mr. Shad:

“A rumor has come to my attention that I think you can clear up. It surrounds your invitation to Jim Wheeler to debate Robin Reedy on your show.

The rumor goes you reported that Mr. Wheeler’s campaign manager disallowed his participation because he was concerned that there might be a chance of “miss-speaking.”

Can you comment?

Mr. Nowasad, is this how you separate truth from fiction?

Mary Jane Harding


We don’t need more bills


At a recent AD39 debate, Robin Reedy chastised Assemblyman Wheeler for not having sponsored enough bills through the last Legislative session. Are you kidding me? How many laws do we want or need? What is needed is thoughtful and necessary legislation coupled with the political will to eliminate or sunset the thousands of outdated or useless laws that are currently in place.

Seems Ms. Reedy has the same bureaucratic mentality that is systemic throughout our political culture; you know, a bridge to nowhere. We don’t need to create meaningless laws just so a legislator has his/her name on a bill.

Perhaps all of our legislators need to take a page from Assemblyman Wheeler’s playbook and work quietly and effectively in the halls of the Nevada Legislature to build consensus on meaningful legislation. This may take more than one session of the Legislature which means it could take several years to bring logical minds together for the good of all Nevadans. Let’s bring common sense back into government and get rid of the political gamesmanship of trying to “one up” the other guy.

Let’s retain Jim Wheeler who is a quiet but effective statesman working on our behalf and not trying to build a resume based on passing useless legislation.

So when someone makes a statement about one of our legislators not passing enough bills I just say, are you kidding me?

Dave Nelson


No common ground


Responding to Donna Baushke’s letter to the editor dated May 23, 2014, Ms. Baushke should read Governor Gibbon’s cover letter dated May 28, 2010, attached to Nevada’s Round 2 Race To The Top application. He writes, “Our proposal includes…Adopting the Common Core Standards…” You can read this letter at

Although the Nevada Board of Education did not formally adopt the Common Core Standards until October 2010, Governor Gibbons and his staff committed Nevada to adopting Common Core on May 28, 2010, when they submitted Nevada’s Round 2 Race To The Top application.

In addition, in order to submit a Round 2 Race To The Top application, Nevada had to pass legislation that would tie teacher’s pay to student test results. Governor Gibbons signed SB2 on March 10, 2010, in order to submit a Round 2 Race To The Top application. Robin Reedy was Governor Gibbons’ Chief of Staff from 2009 through 2010. Robin Reedy knows about Governor Gibbon’s role in bringing Common Core to Nevada as she was in charge of his office during this time.

It is bad enough that Robin Reedy helped to bring Common Core to our state, but the coverup that she is willing to perpetrate to distance herself from Common Core is the bigger issue. It is Donna Baushke and Robin Reedy’s campaign that is distorting facts and trying to deny the truth about how Common Core came to Nevada.

Jeanne Shizuru


Wheeler has proven record


When I lived in Key West, Fla., in the early 1970s there was an election for county sheriff that was hotly contested; so hotly contested that there were stories going around that the incumbent had been buying votes.

An opportunity arose that brought the incumbent and me to the same table in a local restaurant. I asked him if he thought it was fair to his opponents if, in fact, he was buying votes to which he replied that he couldn’t put in place those policies he wanted if he didn’t get into office. My take was that his attitude was to win “at any price.”

Fast forward to Douglas County 2006. The Douglas County Republican Central Committee is electing a new chair with candidates Valida McMichael and Wesley Rice vying for the post. On the night of the election, some maneuvering takes place that continually delays balloting. In the meantime, Robin Reedy calls many of her friends to attend and get elected as new members. This allows new members to vote in the election. Valida wins the election by one vote. Without the delaying tactic and calling in of friends to vote, there would have been a different chairman of the DCRCC that year. Legal? Yes, as there is nothing in place to disallow the maneuver. Is it right? The members of the DCRCC say no and to prevent a repeat of this kind of action they added a section to the bylaws that outlined the specific procedure that must be followed in order to become a member; that new bylaw won approval by more than the required two-thirds vote

Subsequent events showed that the election of Valida McMichael may have been for naught as she resigned from the chairmanship four months into a two-year term. Perhaps the fruits of winning “at any price?”

Fast forward to the DCRCC Candidate Forum on May 20 at the CVIC. One of the questions asked of the candidates for Assembly District 39 was, “What is your position on same day registration?” First to answer was Robin Reedy. She seemed to have been caught off guard as she hesitated while her face reddened. After a pregnant pause, she said, “I’m shocked by people who would want same-day registration.” That answer begs the question: What are we to believe when she professes early registration is bad, but packing the house in a DCRCC election is not. What are we to believe? Win “at any price?”

Do we want someone in the legislature who wants to win “at any price?” Should we be concerned about what that price would be? After all she won’t sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge because, and I paraphrase, “it would tie my hands for negotiating.” Could the flexibility she wants to be able to bargain away the key philosophical points like that makes some of us Republicans, all for the sake of getting any gain against the opposition party; and all that for the sake of being flexible? We already have Republicans in the legislature who wear sheep’s clothing, we don’t need another.

And let us not leave out the fact the she has distanced herself from the DCRCC and the Republican women’s groups after she resigned the chairmanship of the DCRCC until she declared for the race for District 39, a span of more than a few years. “At any price?”

Re-elect Jim Wheeler who has a proven record, knows how to honorably negotiate, keep faith with the Republican philosophy, and will say no when that is the correct reply.

Walt Nowasad


Supporting Dave Brady


We have teamed up from opposite sides of the political aisle to support candidate Dave Brady for the nonpartisan office of Douglas County Sheriff.

Mr. Brady has pointed out that since 1986, while Douglas County’s population has doubled, the sheriff’s department budget has increased from $3.1 million to $15.1 million. Yet the number of available patrol cars per shift is the same now as it was back then — five, plus a supervisor, numbers confirmed by Sheriff Pierini in a May 2013 Record Courier article. The sheriff has responded to this by asking at each forum if the attendees feel safe. But the real question is whether that safety is coming with a grossly inflated price tag, and whether that level of patrol resource is adequate for a county in which law enforcement needs have changed drastically.

A related issue for us is the almost one million dollars per year it’s costing taxpayers to employ the sheriff, under-sheriff, and four captains. In a department this size, that’s the very definition of a top-heavy command staff. County residents shouldn’t support the incumbent’s re-election if it’s nothing more than paycheck protection for good old boys.

Mr. Brady is the only candidate with a plan to address these issues. Brady will facilitate a full operational audit of the entire department, conduct comprehensive interviews with all departmental employees, and obtain national accreditation by a professional law enforcement organization to ensure that the department is making proper use of fiscal and human resources, and is utilizing modern methods and technology to proactively deal with the public safety challenges of a twenty-first century society.

Jan Walls

Lynn Muzzy


Thanks for supporting youth day


The Ducks Unlimited of the Carson Valley and Nevada held a youth day event on May 17, here in Carson Valley. The 2014 Wally Adams Carson Valley Youth Day, in my opinion, was a huge success. The event was sponsored by Ducks Unlimited of Nevada, along with many other caring individuals and organizations and hosted by the Gardnerville Gun Club. Everyone involved did an outstanding job providing an outdoor educational experience for all who were present. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the event with my 9-year-old son and what a great day we had. The hands on experience through the various individual events was incredible. I would like to thank all of the volunteers who planned and participated in this event, as well as, all of the families that brought their sons and daughters to such an awesome experience. I am sure all individuals, organizations and companies involved have been, or will be, recognized for all of their effort. However, I would like to personally thank everyone who took the time to volunteer as we had a great day and look forward to next year’s event.

Eric Andersen


Thanks from CVAC


The Carson Valley Arts Council just completed a very successful 2013-14 season of music and dance concerts in our community. Thank you to our dedicated volunteers, Friends of CVAC and supporters. Their tireless hours and support brought six professional musical-dance concerts to the Carson Valley, plus educational workshops and assemblies for our Douglas County elementary, middle and high school students.

Special thanks goes to our 2013-14 concert series sponsors. Without their support the Carson Valley Arts Council could not bring high quality arts to the Valley. Nevada Arts Council, Douglas County, Carson Valley Inn, Soaring NV, Carson Valley Medical Center, Tahoe Ridge Winery, City National Bank, The Record-Courier, US Bank, DeBug Computers, Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs, Art Works, WESTAF, Edgewood Companies, Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, Carson Valley Visitors Authority, Bing Materials, Rowe, Hales & Yturbide, Minden Fortnightly Club, Total Lawn & Landscape, Minden Food Company, Caldwell Banker, Town of Minden and their staff, Wells Fargo Advisors, Carson Valley Accounting, and Carson Valley United Methodist Church. Thanks also goes to Clarity Sound and Gary Woods lighting.

The 2014-15 concert season will kick off with special 9/11 Memorial Concert by TOCCATA: Orchestra and Chorus on Sept. 12 at St. Gall’s Catholic Church, Gardnerville and California Honeydrops on Oct. 24, 2014 at CVIC Hall, Minden. Individual, season and “Pick 3” tickets will be available soon. Sponsorship opportunities are now available.

Please join the Carson Valley Arts Council by becoming a Friend. Subscribe to our free newsletter by calling 775-782-8207, online at, stop by our office at the Copeland Cultural Arts Center, 1572 Hwy 395 in Minden or like us on Facebook to learn more about arts opportunities in our community.

Join us, so Carson Valley will continue to be a “community united and inspired by the arts.” Thank you.

Brian Fitzgerald

CVAC President

Sharon Schlegel

Interim CVAC Executive

Sharon Hoelscher Day

CVAC Events Chair Director

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