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May 23, 2014
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Wheeler is one of us


Jim Wheeler is an honest man. He is not going to approve new taxes. Other politicians and liberals expect us to agree to new taxes.

Jim Wheeler is one of us. He knows that government has grown too big and expensive, and he agrees with us that the solution is to get rid of unnecessary government and to cut down the cost of government. He runs his personal life and political campaign the same we do.

In contrast Jim Wheeler’s opponent helped Governor Gibbons bring Common Core to Nevada. The legislation that allowed Nevada to participate in the second round of President Obama’s Race to the Top competition was rushed through by Governor Gibbon’s team in the special legislative session in late February, 2010. She was in charge of that team.

Her kind of effectiveness is polar-opposite to Jim Wheeler’s common sense conservatism. I thank my lucky stars that Jim Wheeler is running for District 39 Assembly. I urge you to vote for him on June 10, 2014, in the Republican primary election. Early voting starts on May 24.

Jeanne Shizuru


Free speech not in danger


In Mr. Ron Landmann’s letter of May 9, he worries about his free speech and being considered a domestic terrorist for his views by, (as he states) “President Barack Hussein Obama,” and members of the Democratic party.

What he fails to see are some frightening changes in many parts of this country that are truly leading to domestic violence (terrorism). Lets start around the Cleavon Bundy ranch. Citizens are stopped and questioned by gun toting extremists looking for a gunfight with the BLM at the OK Cleavon Bundy ranch.

With the increase of laws (such as in Georgia) allowing guns to be carried everywhere such as in airports, schools, and silencers in libraries, we can look forward to an increase in domestic violence, or shall we call it terrorism?

Mr. Landmann worries about his free speech when Republican governors and state legislators are trying to take voting away from minorities. Voting time and dates are being erased by Republican legislatures, thereby making it difficult for certain groups (namely the poor) to vote. Republicans claim they want to prevent voter fraud, which many state courts have declared nonexistent. In Florida, Republican legislatures are attempting to close down bathrooms during voting dates. Do you remember the long lines during the last election? Many people stood for hours to vote. The same situation, but with closed bathrooms are expected this November. This is truly a back-handed method to prevent freedom to vote. Does the loss of this form of free speech worry Mr. Landmann?

The one thing I agree with Mr. Landmann concerns the media trying someone on television and acting as judge and jury. This is an unfortunate circumstance of a country that exemplifies freedom of speech.

Mr. Landmann, I don’t see Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or Chuck Schumer carrying a gun, or cutting your free speech or voter rights, because of your differing views. As far as Barack Hussein Obama passing laws to help the poor and middle class, don’t worry Mr. Landmann, you have a Ttea party group that knows only two things, obstructionism and the art of “NO.”

Harold Zaroff


Keep dogs on a leash


I am a dog owner who walks or runs with my dog on a leash through the downtown area of Gardnerville often. I have had numerous interactions with other people and their dogs. Some have been pleasant and others have been shameful. I do not appreciate having my relaxing evening jog interrupted and my safety threatened by people who do not leash their dogs in public. By allowing your dog off the leash in public you are putting yourself, your dog, my dog and me all at risk. It’s idiotic. And, it’s illegal.

According to Douglas County Ordinance 6.16.010: Dogs at large:

A. It is unlawful for any person who owns, harbors or keeps or who has possession, charge, custody or control of any dog to cause, permit, suffer or allow the dog to stray, run or to be at large in or on any public highway, street, alley, sidewalk, park, place or school ground, or upon any lot or land whether public or private, other than that of the owner.

B. This section does not apply to any dog performing under the immediate direction and control of the person responsible for the dog or an agent or employee of the person.

C. The county officer may tranquilize a dog at large to aid in its capture. If a safe capture cannot be made using tranquilization, the county officer may use any reasonable means necessary, including destruction of the animal, to capture the animal. (Ord. 815, 1998; Ord. 434 (part), 1985)

I will stop and report dogs at large from my cell phone every time. Enough is enough. I’m already inconvenienced, I might as well make a call and fill out a report. I’m tired of being interrupted and threatened, and sometimes injured on my walk as I responsibly and dutifully leash my dog. I don’t want my best friend or your best friend injured. Out of love for your dog, I’m not going to tolerate it anymore. Don’t get me wrong here. I have dropped the leash and my dog has given chase and startled others. I’m not perfect and neither is my dog. But there is an obvious difference between an accident and outright disregard for the community. I thank those other dog owners that I have encountered who apologized when their dogs accidentally interfered with mine. And I applaud those that have succeeded in fully training their dogs so that they don’t even require a leash no matter what distractions arise. When I see another person with a canine friend I feel a sense of comradery as a fellow animal lover. I’d like us to be able to acknowledge that common ground, smile and greet each other and go on our way. I enjoy opportunities for socialization on nearby hiking trails, when I am expecting to encounter unleashed dogs under the immediate command of their owners. But when you place your safety and that of your pets on my shoulders because you were too thoughtless to leash your own dog in a public place, I’m offended. There is a time and a place to socialize dogs. Gardnerville now has a dog park next to the new WalMart. There are rural hiking trails where leashes are optional during some months. Please protect your pets, my pets and you and I and use a leash in public areas downtown.

Lisa Vocelka


Democrats are no more


Having gone through many U.S. presidents, and having listened to all the rhetoric and empty words, I can honestly say that J.F.K. was the last democrat as we’ve all known to love or hate. The democrats of today are a far cry from the democrats of yesteryear. They may have been the scoundrels of the time, but the American people were not worse off because of them.

The politicians of today are seemingly no better than those of the past, but to those who pay close attention to empty promises, the democrat stands alone in the realm of liberal socialism. Granted, there are those on both sides of the aisle, who could very well exchange seats with the other side, and nothing would change.

However, there are those amongst us who consider themselves democrats first and foremost, before even thinking of being an American. And therein lies the demise that is falling all around us.

Those who believe in our constitution, and understand the purpose of its existence, can see and witness the destruction of our beautiful country. And those who believe our constitution is an old outdated document written by a bunch of old men who knew nothing of a changing world wish to overstep and outright do away with it in favor of socialism and self indulgence, and all at the expense of others. Welcome to the “new world order” and the new democrat (in name only) since they don’t want to reveal their true color and purpose. The purpose will be revealed when all the people are dumb enough and disarmed.

Speaking of disarmed, can you imagine the Gestapo tactics of the heavily armed agents of the government, had the Nevada ranchers not been armed and determined to protect their rights? The Constitution says it is the supreme law of the land, and the judges in every state are bound thereby. (Article VI of the Constitution). Causes one to wonder how the judge will handle, or trample on, the rights of the ranchers. Senator Harry Reid said “It’s not over.”

Conservative Henry David Thoreau said, “When a just man stands before a corrupt government, he is most likely to find himself in the prisons of that government.”

Which side of the aisle would you like to be seated?

William Barwig


Thanks for the support


The Douglas Center for Hope and Healing’s 3rd Annual Crab and Steak feed was an enormous success this year. The event sold out and was our biggest fundraiser to date. We could not have achieved our goal without the overwhelming support of our community and our gracious donors and supporters. We would like to say a big thank you to: Connolly Family, Connolly Cranes, Carson Valley 20/30 Club, Smith’s Grocery Store, Meeks Bay Rentals, Anytime Fitness, Al Shankle, Lori Baxter, Carson Valley Country Club, Stor-All, Soaring NV, Baxter Backhoe, Bella Vita Catering, Gilbert Family, Carson Valley Inn, Jodi Wass, Debbie Beam, Orita Keebaugh, Trudy McCann, J.T. Basque Restaurant, Al Briel, Mary Thomson, Tumbleweeds, KAIA Fit, Golden Nugget Automotive, CV Transmission, Building Concepts, Juans Kitchen, Naughty or Nice, Distinct Ink, Attitudes Hair Salon, Mickey Garcia, Gretchen Leigh Photography, Dawn Majors, Rich’s Wood Works, American Girl, Ashaley Davis, My Rings & Things, Amanda Johnson, Peter Beekhof, Natalie Gauxtereau, Robert Pumphrey, Chet and Janet Wass, Costco, Walmart, Patricia & Dennis Ramsey, Brooke Roberts, Creek Side Lodge, Standard Diesel, Dr. Seyfried, Carly Strauss, Century 21: Clark Properties, Steve & Donna Leandro, Mixed Company, Brooke Roberts, Marv’s Framing, Heartstrings, Susan Rice, Daves Performance Marine, Breath Body Work LLC, Man Power, Erik Holland, De Ja Vu Salon, Marta Olson, Hooligans, Carson Valley Golf Course, Andi VanBerkum, Al Briel, Building Concepts, David Walley’s Hot Spring Resort, Wendy Blackburn, Melissa Oxley, Minden Nails, Incline Village Hot Tubs, Just Fabulous, Tahoe Ridge and Dr. Paragini. Thank you to everyone who came out and had fun with us, we appreciate all of you.

Douglas Center for Hope and Healing Board of Directors

Time to replace Wheeler


The Reno Gazette-Journal has reported that embattled Assemblyman Jim Wheeler is refusing debates with his GOP primary opponent, Robin Reedy, former Chief-of-Staff for Republican Governor Jim Gibbons. Wheeler’s refusal to debate Reedy should come as no surprise. He hopes Republican voters will forget his record that includes the firestorm he created in October 2013 when a YouTube video surfaced in which Wheeler told a Storey County audience that he would vote to re-instate slavery if that’s what his constituents wanted him to do. Wheeler’s volunteered comments were both racially offensive and just plain stupid. As a result, the State of Nevada was held up to ridicule and scorn worldwide.

Wheeler was “reprimanded” by all of his GOP Assembly colleagues and rebuked by a range of Republicans from Gov. Sandoval and Sen. Heller to conservative assemblywoman Michele Fiore for these indefensible remarks. The largest newspaper in the state, the conservative-leaning Las Vegas Review-Journal, called for Wheeler’s immediate resignation concluding that “if a public official is stupid enough to say there is a circumstance under which he would vote for slavery, he’s unfit for public service.” The editorial observed that a public official is expected “to have judgment, an informed perspective and a moral compass. Mr. Wheeler appears to have none of these traits.”

Wheeler has also demonstrated a lack of “ethical fitness” for public office. After an ethics complaint was filed against him, Wheeler was ordered by the Nevada Secretary of State to amend his Nevada Financial Disclosure Statements from 2010, 2012 and 2013 made under penalty of perjury. Wheeler was ordered to list an outstanding tax lien owed to the State of Michigan in the amount of $6,168.66 from 2008 that had not been disclosed. Wheeler’s Disclosure Statements also failed to identify two civil judgments against him in Los Angeles Superior Court totaling $99,585.10 from 2006. He was further ordered to correct conflicting information about his residency in Nevada, in 2010 he claimed to be a Nevada resident for 4 years, in 2013 he claimed to be a Nevada resident for 10 years. In addition, he was ordered to correct conflicting information about his employment.

There has been on-going controversy and media attention given to whether Wheeler actually resided in the 39th Assembly District as required by law. He claimed a voting address at 965 Tillman in Gardnerville where he rented a room from a political supporter. However, he was observed to be actually living outside the district in Washoe Valley, with his girlfriend.

Finally, there is the matter of Wheeler’s job performance as a state legislator. In his freshman term, Wheeler was the principal author of no bill enacted into law. In a poll taken anonymously among fellow legislators, lobbyists and reporters in June 2013, Wheeler was given a D+ grade and ranked next to lowest among the 12 freshmen members.

Historically, Douglas County has sent our best to Carson City to represent us. Assemblymembers like Lawrence Jacobson, Louis W. Bergevin, Lynn Hettrick and Jim Settelmeyer served with distinction as solid conservative citizen-legislators. We deserve much better now — it’s time to replace Jim Wheeler.

Jim Hartman


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