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Tommy Wilson-O’Brien

September 12, 1947 – December 1, 2013

Tommy Wilson-O'Brien, 66, of Wellington, Nevada passed away on December 1, 2013.Tommy was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 12, 1947. Tommy married his loving wife Dana Quigley inFebruary, 2010, and they lived in Southern California until recently moving to their new home near Topaz Lake, Nevada. Tommy spent most of his working life in the entertainment industry, plying his trade as a musician and actor on stage and screen, and as a writer, producer, director and 1st assistant director. He was a skilled and creative writer with credits that ranged from sketch comedy to television sitcom pilots and feature length screenplays. Tommy also produced a number of Indie films, music videos, and worked with performers with disabilities. Tommy studied Improv at Groundlings and The Second City, and attended UCLA Film school. Recently, Tommy rediscovered his passion for music and he was studying

blues and rock guitar.Tommy loved animals and he owned and trained a number of horses and dogs. He was a skilled horseman and animal trainer and was active in professional horseman's associations.Tommy is survived by two children; a daughter Jamie O'Brien, of Sacramento, CA; and a son, Robert Richard ("Bobo") Bombaci,of Santa Cruz, CA. He is also survived by four grandchildren.